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Ohel Yaakov

6700 Bowleys Lane Baltimore, MD 21237

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Ohel Yakov Congregation, founded 1875.

Originally known as Anshe Chesed Bialystok, and referred to as the “Bialystoker Synagogue.”

It would eventually be known, in the early 20th century, as the “Frantsoizishe Shul,” for its ornate customs including that officers were to don top hats and formal wear. Of course, this led to the synagogue being thought of as French, which it most certainly was not.

  • 610 Forrest Street, near Hillen until 1896
  • 1164 Low Street, near Aisquith, 1896-1903
  • 613-621 Aisquith Street, at Edward (later Edythe) Street, near Gay, 1903-1958
  • 3200 Glen Avenue, near Winner, 1958-current

Rabbi Benjamin Dinovitz, the longtime and well-known Baltimore rabbi, would become rabbi of Ohel Yakov in 1958. He would be succeeded upon his (semi) retirement by his son, Rabbi Peretz Dinovitz who passed away in 2022.

In 2007, as Rabbi Dinovitz was aging, the JCA was approached to take over ownership and management of Ohel Yaakov Cemetery. The JCA board met and unanimously approved the acquisition. At this time, the cemetery had many overturned headstones. Our caretaker has reset hundreds of headstones at Ohel Yaakov over the years to give it the respect and dignity it deserves. The JCA has been successfully managing the cemetery since then.

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